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Cyber Security is Vital for Small Businesses

Small Business Tech Security Small businesses need to take cyber security seriously, preventing lapses or weak points that could lead to major data breaches or attacks.   Modern technology is rapidly changing the landscape for small businesses. Small companies can now do more and have a far greater reach, but they are also faced with[…]

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The End Of Windows 7

As of January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will be ending all support for their hugely popular Windows 7 operating system, which has technology professionals strongly recommending businesses upgrade to Windows 10 in response. This brief video on the subject discusses what the end of Windows 7 support means for users and the risks that come with choosing not[…]

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What Is The Cost Of IT Managed Services?

How Much Should IT Managed Services Cost? When any business owner or decision-maker calls around trying to find out what they should pay for IT managed services cost, they quickly discover that pricing is not uniform. The answers you might get will vary and go from confusing to outright frustrating. And quite honestly, there is[…]

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